Overnight Trips and Hikes

Camping in Taiwan’s lush forests can be an treat for the most rugged outdoorsman, or fun for the whole family.  If camping isn’t you thing, comfortable, reasonably priced lodges and hotels are found all over the island.  We have a number of hikes that can easily be done in a weekend or extended into multi-day adventures.  So get out of the city and enjoy the mountains with us!

We sometimes offer these hikes as pre-arranged group hikes.  For more information, check out and join our facebook group.  For more information on customized trips to these locations, contact us directly

Jialuo Lake

Hike with Taiwan Adventures to Jialuohu Mountain Lake

This is a challenging hike through a beautiful pine forest leads up to a ridge and a stunning group of natural lakes.
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1000 People Cave

Overnight hikes with Taiwan Adventures

This is great 2 day hiking and camping trip in the foothills of Jade Mountain and the Alishan area.  The cave is an enormous overhanging cliff and makes for a great spot to camp out.
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Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge is the jewel of the Taiwan National Park system.  There are a host of amazing trails to explore in this area.
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Songlou Lake

Hikes to Songluohu Mountain Lake, Taiwan

A lovely hike through a dense forest brings you to this pretty lake high up in the mountains of Yilan County.
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Hike in the Snow at Hehuanshan Mountain in Central Taiwan

The Hehuanshan mountain range is located in the center of Taiwan and because there is a road that leads right into the heart of this area, it is a great place for exploring Taiwan’s high mountains.
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Syaroko Trail

The Syaroko hiking trails

Follow an old aboriginal trail through the mountains of Hsinchu and discover relics from the Japanese Occupation Era along the way.
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Hiking Neiwan Taiwan

A visit to this predominately Hakka area in northern Taiwan makes for a great weekend away. Loads of great hikes and waterfalls to explore as well go-karting and paintballing amongst other things!
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Smangus is a remote aboriginal village high in the mountains to the east of Hsinchu.  There are plenty of hikes to do of which the highlight is a hike to a group of thousand-year old trees.
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A Buddhist temple in a bamboo forest

The village of Guguan has some exceptionally good hikes that can easily be done in a day as well as some great hot springs to soak in afterwards.
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