Taipei Day Hikes

There are dozens of great single day hikes within an hour or two of Taipei City.  These are our favorites.  Within a very short time, you can be surrounded by lush forest or enjoying a waterfall spa.  Contact us about private trips to these beautiful locations.


Four superb waterfalls in one hike, the Sandiaoling Waterfalls Trail is a great way to soak up some of Taipei’s wonderful natural scenery!

The Four Beasts

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A breathe of fresh air in the heart of Taipei.  The ‘beasts’ are home to an array of trails to suit all levels.

Teapot Mountain

Teapot Mountain has some amazing views of the northern coast of Taiwan and makes for an exciting day of hiking


Yangmingshan National Park has it all – great hiking routes, stunning scenery and relaxing hot springs. Nice!


The hills around the former mining area of Pingxi are filled with wonderful trails.


The most exciting hike around Taipei.  Enjoy razor-sharp ridges, rope climbs and a 20 meter vertical decent.


One of the most exhilarating hikes around! Knife-edge ridges and beautiful scenery all the way.

Caoling Old Trail

This beautiful trail has exceptionally good views of the northeast coast and is a relatively easy hike!

Coastal Hikes

Visit Taiwan’s beautiful Northeast Coast and see its interesting geology and stunning views!


Hike out to this volcanic crater in a protected ecology zone in Yangminshan National Park.

Taipei Photography Tours

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Take a fully customized photography tour of the beautiful natural areas around Taipei.