The Four Beasts

The Four Beast Mountains are made up of four mountains that are said to resemble an Elephant, Tiger, Leopard and Lion.  There are actually two more mountains on the trail system called Nangangshan and Jiuwu Peak that rise behind the beasts.  They’re all located to the southeast of Taipei 101 and for anyone in Taipei, they are a must-do hike.

Being so close to the city, the mountains afford hikers superb views of the Taipei skyline, especially at night.  Tiger and Elephant Mountains are the most famous, with the most complete trails, but there are some hidden gems around Lion and Leopard Mountains, too.


There really isn’t a typical itinerary for these trails.  There are dozens of trailheads that mostly start on Xinyi Road or just off of Songren Road.  The trails can be completed in loops so you come back around to your starting area or come out on the other side of the mountains.  One could spend just a few minutes going to the Stone Garden to take photos of Taipei 101 and the Taipei City skyline, or spend the whole day exploring the dozens of temples and side trails that crisscross the mountains.   The main trails are also lit at night, making this a 24hour place of adventure!


Difficulty1 to 3 (out of 5)       Duration – Half day to full day

The hike involves around 4-6 hours of hiking.    There can be some exposure to heights and fixed ropes.  A moderate to good level of fitness is required depending on which trails you wish to follow.


Private trips start at $12,800TWD for groups of 1 to 3 people. Each additional person is $2,625TWD. We can offer an additional $2,200TWD discount if you’d like to meet at an MRT station.


Private transportation is provided from anywhere in Taipei or the Taipei/Taoyuan Airport to the mountain.  Pickups in other locations can be arranged, sometimes for a small extra fee.  Vehicles are insured; Drivers are licensed; and traffic rules are obeyed.


All the main meals are provided for the hike.  Clients only need to bring their own snacks.  If you have any special dietary requests, allergies, or needs, let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


All of our leaders are Wilderness First Responder certified and carry first aid kits.  They have all spent a lot of time hiking in Taiwan and are very experienced in the high mountains.  All of our leaders are native speakers of English, but also speak Mandarin and are very knowledgeable about the local mountains, flora/fauna, and culture.

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