The Wuling Sixiu – May 14-16

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The Wuling Sixiu

The Wuling Sixiu – Nov 22-24

The Wuling Sixiu is a group of 4 mountains. The ‘si’ meaning four and the ‘xiu’ meaning excellence. The mountains are, Kelayeshan, Taoshan, Chiyoushan and Pintianshan, and they can be hiked over 3 days in the Sheipa National Park. They make up the northeastern part of the Holy Ridge O-route.

It is a pretty tough hike, with some very steep sections and the odd bit of scrambling. However, the hike is a lot of fun and every bit as beautiful as some of Taiwan’s more famous mountains.

On this hike we’ll hike to the top of Chiyoushan and Pintianshan covering two of the four peaks.

This is an OVERNIGHT trip leaving Taipei on Friday Nov 22nd and returning to Taipei on Sunday Nov 24th. We’ll spend two nights camping or staying in cabins. Tents will be provided if needed.

Although the hike doesn’t require any much technical climbing ability, it is in the high mountains and is a VERY TOUGH HIKE. You will be expected to help carry some of the group’s equipment as well as your own. Please consider your ability before signing up.

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